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What personality type are you

We’ve all been asked the question: who are you? Describe yourself in one word. Is your personality more of a Serena or a Blair, a Monica or a Rachel? Some of us have thought it through ahead of time, picked the perfect words and are waiting to dazzle everyone with our self-awareness like a pocketful of surprise confetti. Some are lucky enough to just know the direct definition of their name.

Whether you’re person A (confetti) or person B (“Belle” means beautiful and yes, yes it is a perfect fit thankyouverymuch), it never hurts to get to know yourself in different, more extensive ways. Especially if you’re finding yourself in an identity crisis of which job should I take? what am I good at? how will I ever find love?

You could take personality quiz after personality quiz, identifying what color your aura is (we are both rocking red), which Game of Thrones house you belong in (Fire and Blood, y’all), or what sandwich you are (B=grilled cheese, E=soggy veggie wrap. There are no words.), or you can do something a bit more…scientific?

Maybe you’ve heard of the Myer Briggs test: a big, long, expensive personality test that requires a proctor and life coach and soul sucking hours to identify you as one of 16 personality types, broken down into four traits. Sound like fun? All joking aside, if you get the chance to take the test (i.e. your boss is paying for it), buckle up and enjoy the ride because you’ll likely learn a lot. Sad and poor like a soggy veggie wrap, but still want to take the test? Enter 16 Personalities, a free version (with a premium option) that takes less time, gives you similar answers, and has cool tag names and pictures to accompany your personality type.

Personality results and what they mean:

Let’s break it down:

There are four traits, each broken down into two sides. No, it’s not possible to be as identified as someone in the middle, although you certainly can pull from each on a personal level. It’s about the majority, the “most of the time” that leads to your overall type.

First and foremost is Introvert or Extrovert, or I/E, which looks at focus and interaction. It’s common for people to say “I’m capable of talking to people and am outgoing, therefore I’m an extrovert!”, to which we commonly respond to with “ERRRR! Wrong.” The division between I and E happens along two primary lines: one, you either gain (E) or lose (I) energy by being around people, and two, you either think outwardly (E) or inwardly (I). Being talkative or quiet, liking to be the center of attention or not are also key factors, but please, please do away with the idea that one is always superior to the other, or that introverts need to be retrained or other terrible things like that. Because that’s just wrong. We love both.

The second type is Sensing or Intuition, or S/N, which focuses on information. Sensors are generally realistic, specific, and practical. Intuitive people prefer ideas and concepts and can get a bit dreamy and poetic with their ideas.

The third looks to decision making, with Thinking and Feeling, or T/F. This one is pretty straight forward: you’re a Thinker if you make decisions based on logic and values like justice and fairness, or you’re a Feeler if you make decisions based on emotions and values like harmony and forgiveness.

Last but not least is Judging and Perceiving, or J/P, which reflects your outer life. These terms are a bit strange, so don’t freak if someone calls you a Judger; it just means that you respect deadlines, like to have a plan, and see things through to the end. If you’re a Perceiving, you prefer things to be more open ended, often improvise, and see rules to be more flexible.

We both took the test, and it’s no surprise to see some similarities and some differences, because that’s what makes for a great friendship! Certain types get along better with others and in different situations, another reason why it’s beneficial to know your type: to better identify who you’re good with! Continue reading to get to know more about your fabulous authors, then jump over to take the test for yourself!

A book is laid out, open, with a pair of eye glasses folded on top. Bottles of green, yellow, and blue liquid are beneath it. Next to the image, in text, is "Belle's Results: INTJ The Architect"

That first letter threw you for a loop, didn’t it? “How can this loud, magnificent, grilled-cheese gal be an introvert!?” you might find yourself asking. Remember what we said about doing away with the disillusionment that introverts are shy? Yup, case in point.

Architect personalities are amongst the rarest, only 2% of the population. INTJs have strong, often abrasive personalities and enjoy questioning, deconstructing, and rebuilding ideas and arguments. Life is a chess-board made to be maneuvered with logical, rational reasoning paired with starry-eyed ambition.

Reading through the breakdown of the type, I constantly found myself sitting up straighter in my seat, waving my inner hand in a “So me! That’s me!” type of way, especially with the strengths and weaknesses. Want to know how impressive I am?

  • Quick and intelligent
  • Self-confident
  • Independent and decisive
  • Determined
  • Open-minded, as long as it’s backed with reasoning
  • Jack-of-all-trades

Want to know how I’m less awesome?

  • Arrogant (haven’t picked up on that yet? You haven’t been reading closely enough then.)
  • Judgmental (if you’re my speed, you’re not worth my time)
  • Overly analytical (just ask Elena. I drive her nuts sometimes.)
  • Hate high-structured environments (can I get an amen!)
  • Clueless in romance (this one actually made me laugh, but in a “so true!” sort of way)

Reading through, I found that one, I’m amazing, and two, I am so happy I have Elena. That girl puts up with my dark wit, relentless righteousness, need (and I mean need) for things to happen and happen in a certain way, and lack of tact when it comes to feelings and relationships. But I’m also great for her (and others, of course) because I can offer a different outlook, insist on getting the best, and push her into action. And I think I’m pretty funny.

A woman in jeans and a black jacket walks on the outside of a balcony rail beside the water. Next to it, in text, it reads "Elena's Results: ENFJ The Protagonist"

Yes, you read that right, I am the protagonist, the main character, the lead actress, the hero, a “natural born leader” personality. However, in a subtle comparison to today’s culture, I have the personality of a teacher, a politician, a coach, someone who inspires others and makes up about 2% of the population. My results mean that I thrive off of others doing well and strive to help them become better people.

I originally took this test because I had a friend who sent it to me over a Facebook message. He wanted me to take a look at my results and notice how accurate the test was, so I filled out the test, partly out of boredom but mostly out of curiosity. I have to say that my results did resemble a lot of who I am, however after you take this test, be prepared to read; if you think this post is long, you haven’t read anything yet.

What qualities I’ve got going for me:

  • Tolerant
  • Reliable
  • Charismatic
  • Altruistic
  • Natural Leader

My flaws:

  • Overly Idealistic
  • Too Selfless
  • Too Sensitive
  • Fluctuating Self-Esteem
  • Struggle to Make Tough Decisions

It is impressive how much I do relate to these characteristics, and I do agree that I do every one of those. Sometimes I do dream about certain things but then remember I have no money and there’s no way I can actually do those things, or I give so much of myself to someone and it’s not reciprocated. I’ll admit, sometimes I do need a good cry, and yes, I do squeeze the breath out of the dog or cat for comfort while crying during a Hallmark movie by myself with my pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, but all of these things are what help me relate to some of the best people in my life.

Belle and I are such a good fit with so many things because we balance each other out with logic and emotion, and when we argue it’s always about meaningless things because if they truly mattered, we’d just want what was best for the other.

But these qualities are just the outline of the rest that is to come. There are 8 categories that explore your personality type:

  1. Introduction
  2. Strengths & Weaknesses (above)
  3. Romantic Relationships
  4. Friendships
  5. Parenthood
  6. Career Paths
  7. Workplace Habits
  8. Conclusion

We’ve given you the base of what our personalities are about. The cool part is that even though our test results are specific to us and how we did on the personality test, anyone can see the results if they know the name of your personality. We encourage you to look up the categories that are most important to you in your life now. Having work issues? Check out the Career Path and Workplace Habits (could even emphasize on some that you really relate to on your resume). Curious as to why you’re still single? Check out the Romantic Relationships. Regardless of which interests you have, the system will remember you and you can look back at your results whenever you like.

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