5 Ways to Stay Focused

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We’ve all had those days where we can’t manage to get motivated to get our work done. This could be house cleaning, car maintenance, or focusing on our tasks in the office. I work from home often, and find myself getting distracted by cleaning my room, starting a load of laundry or playing TV in the background. If I’m in the office, I’m distracted by people walking by the windows, phone calls or free donuts in the break room.

In order to prevent from getting distracted every time I work, I need to change things up. If you are having the similar issue of finding motivation, try these remedies:


Take a shower

Start your day off right by being clean and presentable, even if you’re working remotely. Some days I’ll keep my pajamas on until late morning and then go shower. Showering and getting ready for the day makes you more mentally prepared for the tasks at hand. You’re clean, you feel good, you look presentable and are focused. 


Turn on some music…and turn it UP

Throughout college, I always had music in the background while I studied. This was usually “coffee shop” music as my sister would call it (Joshua Radin, Jack Johnson, The Kooks). But sometimes when I would start to get sleepy, I’d need something a little more fast paced and a little louder. That’s when the hip-hop/top 100 hits would turn on. Granted, this would mean I’d need to take at least one song I really liked to dance it out, but it got my blood flowing and gave me a brain break. If you’re finding it hard to concentrate and you’re dragging, turn on some upbeat music and get a little crazy (don’t worry, you can hide in your cubicle while you lipsync to Despacito).

Dancing and singing to music


Take a mental break

We all know we aren’t productive at all hours of the day: we check our Facebook page too frequently, read through BuzzFeed articles and videos, send funny memes to our friends etc. That’s okay, you need to take a mental break to let your mind reset. Step away from your computer, take a walk, get outside and sit down on a bench, or make a phone call. Your body and your mind will thank you. Just make sure that when your break is done, it’s done, and you’re back to being focused!


Take notes

If you research for work like me, or if you’re in meetings, take notes on what you’re reading or hearing. They will make you more productive and you can remember more of what you read or were discussing. If you don’t take notes, then doodle, the movement will help you filter the information. It will also help you stay present, instead of daydreaming about that cute guy in accounting.

Writing on a pad of paper with a pen


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Isolate yourself

As tempting as it may be to sit on the couch or bed when you work from home, you will be more productive sitting at a table or desk. Isolate yourself from the business of the house or office and close the door and zone into your work. Break up your day so you have a plan to stick to- research in the morning, lunch break, respond to emails in the afternoon, etc. If you’re in the office, put a sign on the door so that you won’t be disturbed.



It’s hard to stay focused the entire time we’re working, and it’s necessary to take mental breaks to stay productive. It’s okay to take breaks and reset your thoughts as long as you return to your work and are productive. 

October 17, 2017
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