A Millennial Job Interview


A Millennial Job Interview

Recently, I noticed this video from Vimeo going around Facebook. One of my friends who is probably around the age of my parents posted it.

I was intrigued, so I watched.



Our Reaction

Do you feel entitled to get a job right out of college (if you went)? Are you on your phone during an interview? Do you have common knowledge of Microsoft Office? I feel as though the reason why older generations think this way is because we are starting to demand more change in the professional world. I can’t tell you how many times a week someone in my office asks me how to do something on their computer or phone, whether it’s backing up a device, creating a PowerPoint, creating a signature on email, digitally signing paperwork, or converting attachments. These are all things I know how to do proficiently because we learned it in school or we taught ourselves because everyone else was doing it.

I realize this video is supposed to be making a point, but it’s too exaggerated. It makes me wonder if this is really how other people look at Millennials. I know there’s a lot of slander about Millennials feeling “entitled” to things like a career, working 9-5, getting promotions etc. In all honestly, I don’t believe that to be true. The main reason why I wanted a career was because that’s what everyone said I could get if I went to college. They said my chances were higher in getting a good, stable job if I graduated with a four-year degree. So that’s what I did, and I started at the bottom. Which was okay, because I needed to gain experience. But I had a job and I was grateful.

I honestly don’t want to know if this is even a close representation of what Millennials are perceived as. It’s not like we go into an interview thinking we are high and mighty and already have the job. I approach an interviewer with respect, knowing that they are a veteran in this professional setting and I’m not. They know more than me with the business, but I may know more than them about various aspects, like technology. But not like the technology in this video. Yes, I do know about social media, but I am experienced in Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Apple products. Those are all things that will be taking over each industry at some point. We should be seeing each other with respect,  knowing that if we combine our knowledge, that is what will make us succeed.

So please raise your hand if you or someone you know would do any of the things the girl did in the video, in or out of an interview. My hand is down. So far down I’ve slid out of my chair and onto the floor to make it very clear that none of this happens in real life.

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