A Day at the Ballet: Dracula

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Dracula Ballet

We had both been to the ballet before, but it was a few to several years ago and it was always the same one. The Nutcracker is a fantastic holiday event that Belle had attended with family. However, it was never consistently enough to be a tradition, nor infrequently enough to be a special event. There are, of course, other ballet performances out there, but they always felt out of reach. Either they were unknown to us or felt, for some reason, as if they were for the elite. Which did not include us.

Luckily, Belle works in the heart of Denver and saw banners and posters for “Dracula: The Ballet”. What!? Yes, really. A ballet of horror and Gothic and vampires, oh my! And in October? This was something we could do.

Tickets ranged from $37 to $300 dollars. Wanting a decent seat and a price tag that wouldn’t make us faint, we settled for seats in the second row of the third balcony for $50 each. We also invited our dear friend Mitch to join us.

The score was this: three best friends from university and tickets to the ballet. It was a great start, but we knew we could do better.

The three of us adore brunch. Specifically when bottomless mimosas are involved. A quick search for places to fit the bill gave us an 11 a.m. reservation at The Rialto Cafe before our 2 p.m. matinee ballet. Lo and behold, that made the day.

Crab cake eggs Benedict with multi-colored breakfast potatoes and a mimosa.

With a pleasant buzz to match the pleasant fall weather, the three of us set off towards the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA). A wonderful thing about Denver is how close everything is: a short 15 minute walk took us from the 16th Street Mall to the Ellie Caulkin’s Opera House.


"Fat Woman" sculpture by Fernando Botero at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The green exterior and logo of Backstage Coffee create the backdrop. Belle, Mitch, and Elena pose with each other.

The performances were wonderful. Belle was appreciative of the act synopsis included in the program, while Elena took advantage of the caption system built into the back of the seats. While our seats didn’t give us a great vantage point for the dancer’s faces, we were able to peek into the orchestra pit and witness the magic happening beneath the stage. Two shows in one!

Two intermissions gave us plenty of chances to stretch our legs and get some glasses of wine. It was also a, errr… great people-watching event? Let’s just put it this way: the ballet is a dress-up occasion, but that does not mean capes, fangs and fake blood…It’s still a ballet!

Overall, a fantastic event, made even better by pairing it with brunch and great friends. While Belle might have wanted a bit more umph and darkness, neither of us were disappointed.

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