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Ah, the smell of Pumpkin Spice fills the air! Sweaters are replacing crop tops and scarfs are hanging nearby. Fall is  here, and we are ready! What better way to welcome a new season than to make fun plans with your best friend and perhaps some lucky plus ones? In light of the season, we have created a Fall Bucket List we’d like to get through before the snow sets in.  Explore the activities we’ve done since the leaves began to fall. 


Corn Maze – Thornton, CO

One of the things on the list was a corn maze. Originally we planned on doing one in the afternoon (in a legit maze). However, as our group grew, we gradually moved our time further into the evening. As the time changed, so did the theme. In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to go through a Haunted Corn Maze in Thornton, Colorado. There were a few themed mazes we could choose from, but we chose the most popular maze: the Haunted Field of Screams.

Haunted Corn Maze


We went with five other friends, bought our tickets ($27 per person) and made our way to the line. The LONG line. When we planned this, we knew the line would be long, and we came prepared. We had good company, a couple flasks, and were in our heavy jackets. The line took about two hours, and the maze as a whole took about 35 minutes for our group to make it through. There were about eight or nine structures we went through before being chased by chainsaws out the exit.  If you’ve never done a haunted corn maze, we would highly recommend it. Not only is it festive, but you realize how easy it is to scare your friends. We had a fantastic time and finished the night with drinks and games at our friends’ house afterwards to warm up and calm down. So if you didn’t get to it this year, make sure this is on your bucket list for next fall.


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Oktoberfest – Denver, CO

Early in the month, we were invited to join a group of friends downtown for the Oktoberfest. Festivities started in the morning and went into the night. They had live bands (playing German music), plenty of food and beer, games, and contests. We arrived in the late morning, grabbed some tokens for beer and got familiar with our surroundings. They had beer barrel bowling and a stein holding contest. Most of the booths were either beer, food, or sponsors, so we made our way towards  the stein holding stage.The goal was to hold up two steins full of beer with arms straightened at shoulder height for as long as you could. We waiting there a couple of hours for Elena’s friends to meet up with us. Eventually, we started holding up our beer cups with the contestants; plastic cups 16oz cups were hard enough to hold, so major props to those that held the steins!

We stuck around for about five hours, mostly watching the stein contest and drinking beer. The area was small, but it was perfect. What better way to welcome October than partaking in German traditions? The day cost us under $40 each and was a blast.



Carving Pumpkins

Going to a pumpkin patch was out of the question. By the time we gathered everyone to go, it was a Sunday afternoon and it would’ve taken us at least an hour just to find parking. So we settled for the best looking pumpkins in the bin at the grocery store. Back at Elena’s house, we ordered pizza and decided to pumpkin seed recipecarve in the garage due to the chilly weather. Elena’s sister had an old table out there–one of her many “projects”– that we covered with trash bags as a table cloth. We set out sharpies and tools for carving and got busy. We put all the seeds into a bag to sort through and cook. All of us had varying carvings, but it was the perfect mixture of creativity!

Mitch and Elena went to the kitchen to rinse off the seeds and season them for cooking. It’s very easy to do: all you need are a couple  of cooking sheets, foil to line the sheets with, butter, and salt. After rinsing off the seeds, we mixed them with five tablespoons of butter and salt. The seeds cooked for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, stirred halfway through. We broiled them for a little while just to speed things up, and the burnt ones ended up tasting just as good, if not better, than the others!

 Seven carved pumpkins are lined against a garage door. The lights are off, allowing the candles inside the pumpkins to shine through. From left to right: a sugar skull, chesire cate, emoji face, snake face, Tina from Bob's Burgers, Oogie Boogie, and an owl.

Halloween Television

Since the beginning of the month, all we’ve wanted to watch are movies and shows to get us in the spirit of Halloween. So far Elena has binged watched the latest season of American Horror Story: Roanoke on Netflix as well as several movies. Belle has been racing through past seasons of Supernatural. We had a movie night with Mitch and Elena suggested The Conjuring, which if you have a jumpy friend like Mitch, you will enjoy. Elena bought the classic Hocus Pocus and we made dinner with Mitch, her sister and her boyfriend and watched on the projector in the basement. (If you have never seen Hocus Pocus, there is no excuse, it’s a Halloween classic- a must see). Along with these, we’ve watched a new series that’s on Netflix called Mindhunters, based on how the term “serial killer” came about in the 1970s. Some more classics would include Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride  and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Halloween Costumes

This year, we decided it would be appropriate to go as a famous duet in Hollywood, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. However, on top of this we decided to base our costumes off of Belle’s favorite movie, Mean Girls. We roped Mitch into being Damien and headed out the Saturday before Halloween to our favorite bar in Denver: Howl at the Moon.

Mitch, Elena, and Belle pose for a selfie in their Halloween costumes. Mitch wears a blue hoodie to fulfill the role as Damien from "Mean Girls". Elena wears a stripped shirt and a buttoned vest to be Ms. Norbury. Belle is in a pink velour tracksuit as Mrs. George.


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