6 Reasons Why Being Single is the Worst
My love life is a mess. I was what people call “a prude” throughout (most)...
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Things We Hate
Last week we were all about the love, so this week we decided to share all...
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Red confetti hearts are photographed against a white background. The title
Share the Love
  I love…. In lieu of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be appropriate to...
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Deanna Samaan
National Sex Day: A.K.A. Valentine’s Day
    Valentine’s Day, A.K.A. National Sex Day, is celebrated on February 14th. Why force...
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A blond woman lays on a couch beside the window. It's grey and muted, her hair and her hand covering her face. A sense of sadness and loneliness is captured by photographer Benjamin Combs. The title
My Toxic Relationship
There are plenty of people in my past that I wish I had never met....
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11 Messages You’ll Get on Plenty of Fish
Yes, it’s that time again, where I’ve reactivated or downloaded a new dating app. I read...
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home alone to do
7 Ways to Enjoy a Night Home Alone
I live with my sister, her boyfriend, a cat, and a dog. Usually we are...
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Cherish: A Story of Silver Linings
When I was seventeen, my first tattoo was going to be a wing on my...
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what he said
The Things He Said
  I’ve been in the dating game for far too long. So far, I’ve had...
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October 17, 2017