bellena holidays
Dear Bellena: Help With the Holidays
  Belle and Elena are best friends (you already know this) and yet are vastly...
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DIY Christmas
5 DIY Christmas Gifts for the Office
  If you’re anything like me, you need a lot of gifts for various people...
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A Millennial Job Interview
  A Millennial Job Interview Recently, I noticed this video from Vimeo going around Facebook....
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phone apps
5 Phone Apps Everyone Should Have
Your phone screen is likely filled with messenger apps, social media apps, gaming, banking apps,...
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book club
We Started A Book Club!
  Being English majors, we were used to having a hefty reading list throughout the...
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Thanksgiving in Seattle
Since I was a kid, my family and I would always spend one holiday in...
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Thanksgiving times
Thanksgiving: Then and Now
A lot of things change as we get older: sugary cereals aren’t as tasty as...
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studying abroad
Studying Abroad in College: While There
  Getting the necessities When I arrived, I opened a bank account because the transfer...
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studying abroad
Studying Abroad in College: Planning for theTrip
  My parent’s told me as long as I had good grades, they would financially...
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travel to taiwan
My 6 Months in Taiwan: Overview
There’s a tiny island off the coast of China that many have heard of, and...
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October 15, 2017