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Two best friends, two English degrees, and matching hungers for more than a nine-to-five life. With a recipe such as that, it’s no wonder a blog was born.


Originally, Belle and Elena were little more than neighbors in the university freshmen dorms. It wasn’t until they shared two classes their senior year that they became an inseparable duo of sass, laughter, and dreams. Now, at 24 and 25 and finally beyond their college town, the two have decided to use those lovely English degrees of theirs to maintain and share their passions for books, travel, and the ever-irritating Millennial lifestyle.


Designed to reach those struggling with balancing all the many aspects of life, Two Feels Write is a place to find inspiration, seek advice, and feed your passions. Join the ladies as they discuss life hacks, books, relationships, travel, and wine.


“We’re here for you, and we hope you’ll be here for us.” –Belle and Elena

Meet The Authors

Belle steers a whisper boat in the canals of Giethoorn in the Netherlands. She is reclined back with her sunglasses on and her feet dangling above the water.Belle

Princess Belle, Grade-A “sasshole”, Colorado native, champion of books, misspeller of words, conqueror of caffeinated drinks, purveyor of singlehood (until a charming and bookish man with an accent convinces her to change), and aspiring world traveler. In addition to being a Gemini poster-child, there’s not much more to say about this charming gal (yeehaw), but let’s not stop just because we’re ahead.

Fueled with a passion for reading and writing, Belle went to university to earn a degree in English education. That, paired with a desire to travel, sent her to Taiwan for a teaching position. A short six months later, she flew home to be closer to her partner in chaos and farther from a 90-hour workweek. Now working in an office by day and by the glare of her laptop by night, Belle dreams of living in a different city every month, owning cats named after Greek gods, and one day publishing a book of her own.




Elena poses with a pink princess cone hat while drinking from a tumbler in her living room.


Elena is the youngest of four daughters, a cat lover, beach girl, and a hunger for finding the best food in town. Being a Sagittarius, she’s always looking to try new things, meet new people and travel the world. 

After a four year degree and two (almost three) years post-graduation, Elena discovered she has strong passions for editing, social media, reading, writing and travelling. Hopefully, in the near future, this blog may become more than an after work project.

You should love what you do and who you meet along the way. Life is a journey of helping each other discover what makes you happy.

Travel, eat, write, read and love your life. It’s as simple as that.




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