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7 Reasons Why Being in a Relationship is the Best

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A few weeks ago I had a post saying why being single is the worst. By popular request, I was encouraged to write about why being in a relationship is the best! For those of you who have your doubts about relationships or are hesitant of what they have in store for you, let me help put your mind at ease with 7 reasons why being in a relationship is the best. It’s also a list to help you understand why I missing being in a relationship as opposed to being single.

1. Be yourself

When you’re dating, you’re constantly seeing new people while on your best behavior. But in a relationship, you’ve been with this person for a while, so you can start to open up more and be yourself. You can now take your bra off and throw on a baggy hoodie with your favorite pajama pants and forget about putting on make-up! They already know you snort when you laugh hard and always get the lyrics wrong regardless of how many times you’ve heard the song. This is (arguably) the best part about a relationship because your partner loves you for who you are as a person and that’s beautiful enough.

2. Plus-One

You’ll always have friends that can be this as well, but now you always have a go-to for your plus-one for work events, weddings, or any other social events. The best part about having this person be your partner is that everyone is already expecting it! Now your friends won’t get butt-hurt if you choose one over the other, you have a default.

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3. Feeling the love

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One of the greatest perks of a relationship is the physical aspect, and you all know what I mean… Not only is sex fun, it’s good for you! All that dopamine in your brain is the ultimate high, but it’s even better when you’re sleeping with someone who appreciates you for more than your physical appearance. The entire mindset is altered, making the experience that much better. Not to sound like a love guru or preachy, but it is an experience where you’re selfless; you become a team in wanting to make each other feel good! It’s probably the best team bonding experience you can have.

4. Feeling appreciated

Dates are great, I will always be a fan of free food and movies, but being in a relationship is more than that. Once you’ve opened up and let someone in, they know your biggest dreams, fears and stresses. All those things become priorities to them too; they want to see you succeed, be happy and pick you up when you’re feeling down. I’ve bought flowers for guys before just because I wanted to, and they loved it! The little things can add up, even if it’s just a compliment on how you look that day or someone telling you they love you.

5. You always have someone to talk to

From my perspective, your partner should be one of your best friends. If there’s something on your mind, you have someone you can talk to about it and they’ll give you their honest opinion. They’re comforting or give you a reality check when you need one. But mostly, they’re there to listen. And that in itself is extremely important.

6. There’s someone to fill your time

Remember all that time you had to swipe left and right on those dating apps? Now you have time to spend with someone instead of doing that. Someone who will do whatever you want to; hike, go to dinner, a movie, a museum, or Netflix…and chill… You now have options to fill your time with more entertaining things with someone who values you and your time.

7. You learn

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Something in you also changes. When you have someone you’re crazy about, and they’re crazy about you too, it bumps your self esteem, making you happier overall. When you’re happier, you also want the people around you to be happy, so you give more and it makes you feel good! Being in a relationship teaches you a lot about yourself: your interests, priorities, what makes you happy, mad, sad. But it also teaches you that about other people; and with that comes empathy which enforces honesty, trust and dedication.


There are so many things I miss about being in a relationship. I realize a lot of these things can also be fulfilled by friends, but it’s not the same. There’s that intimacy aspect to being in a relationship that is so special and makes you feel and think differently from others around you. I’m a fan of being in a relationship, but only when it’s with the right person. If you’re hesitant to enter into a relationship, you should think about all the benefits it has to offer before you dismiss the thought.


What are some of your favorite things about being in a relationship? Did I miss anything?

March 12, 2018

Thanksgiving: Then and Now

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Thanksgiving times

A lot of things change as we get older: sugary cereals aren’t as tasty as mushrooms and asparagus, socks as Christmas gifts are actually amazing, and holidays are flexible. Thanksgiving has always been a bit different for me because my parents are divorced, but this year was something new entirely.

Then: Thanksgiving as a KidBelle, as a kid (approximately age 7) with her younger sister in the front yard of her grandparents' house in Florida.

Every year, my sister and I switched between who we spent Thanksgiving with: one year with Dad, the next with Mom, then back to Dad again. This happened with other holidays, as well. Thanksgiving with Mom usually meant the church potluck, with me and some other kids playing Monopoly in a classroom. With Dad, it meant a big home-cooked meal, sometimes  with extended family. Regardless of whom I was with, Thanksgiving happened on the third Thursday of November, had turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, and was altogether relatively normal.

Now: Thanksgiving as a Young Adult

This year, Thanksgiving happened on November 12th. A Sunday.

As we get older and start meeting new people, dating new people, gather step-siblings, have work and travel to plan around, and more and more, it becomes harder to schedule the holidays. I have my mom and dad, my step-sister has her mom and dad, family friends have their own families, you get the picture. There was no way to get everyone together on Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving, unless we wanted to have ham and green beans at ten in the morning. So my dad restructured his monthly Second Sunday dinner to be a Thanksgiving potluck.

A table filled with Thanksgiving dishes, such as stuffing, home-made bread, mashed potatoes, green beans, and turkey.

Everyone contributed a dish while my dad roasted the turkey. There was a cheesy brussle sprouts casserole, sausage stuffing, green beans, fresh baked bread, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, and a spinach salad with the most amazing cranberry vinaigrette. I made a sweet potato and walnut pasta bake that I had previously made for the weekly Family Dinner I have with Elena and Mitch, modified from this recipe.

It was a great event and the food was to die for. It took a lot of stress out of the month, but then something strange happened: what was left to do? While coworkers and friends talked about their Thanksgiving plans, I was left to shrug my shoulders.


I’m used to my holidays being a bit different; it’s been two years since I celebrated Christmas on Christmas day. The special days become less about the days and more about making time to spend with loved ones, however possible. While it’s awkward to be finished with a holiday before it happens and to try and explain that to people in the 30 seconds we’re in the elevator together, I feel more connected to the spirit of the holidays. As much as I’d love for things to be conventional and simple, I’ll take my rescheduled, purposeful holidays any day.

November 28, 2017